Personal Umbrella


 Personal Umbrella

Personal umbrella insurance offers additional liability coverage and extends your clients automobile and homeowners insurance policy limits.


Protection against possible injury occuring to a guest visiting with your client in their home or on their property.

Personal Auto

Protection in the event one of your clients teenage children causes an automobile accident with damages that go above their auto insurance’s property damage liability and bodily injury liability limits.

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Coverages ($1 M, $2 M or $5 M) 

Property Damage Liability

Helps cover the cost of damage to another person’s property such as vehicles, accidental damage to property, etc.

Bodily Injury Liability

Helps cover the cost of damages to another person, including medical bills, liability claims and more.

Landlord Liability

Helps protect against responsibilities you may face as a landlord, like someone getting hurt inside your rental property.

Auto Bodily Injury Liability

Helps cover the costs when your standard insurance policy is not enough. For example, if you’re in a car accident and are sued, this can cover the amount your other insurance won’t.

Available Lines

Personal Auto
Personal Umbrella

Target SIC Codes 

10611 | Day Spas
65141 | Medical Office – Physicians 
65741 | Lawers & Law Firms
65671 | Medical Office – Dentists
65151 | Veterinarians
72611 | Funeral Directors
80721 | Dental Labs
59954 | Optical Goods
65111 | Accounting & Auditing
65871 | Tax Preparers & Bookkeepers
42791 | Telemarketing
65831 | Advertising
65881 | Business & Management Consultants 
65891 | Computer Consultants 
65781 | Consultants (not otherwise classified) 
8742 | Wedding Consultants 
7299 | Environmental Consultants 
8111 | Financial Planning Consultants

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